"Get COMPLETE Access to Video Sales Magic & Double Your Sales with Video!"

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It’s Time to Throw Out the Old Long Copy Salesletter & Maximize Your Conversions with Video!

You need a Step-by-Step A to Z Blueprint to show you EXACTLY how to write, produce and publish your very own, High-Converting Video Sales Letter!


Video Sales Magic: Your Complete Video Salesletter Training!

I really like how you simplified the process and look forward to learning more from you. My biggest take-away was how important video plays for a sales letter…I am a trained copywriter and was trained to write the long sales letter so now I know I need training to incorporate video and glad that I connected with you today.
Maribel Jimenez, BScM

“Great!!!  I’m a Mac user and I’ve been struggling with Camtasia for Mac and had no idea I could record right from Keynote or PPT on my Mac.  James, you’ve changed my life.  Thank you.”
Cindy Ratzlaff

Inside, You’ll Discover Everything You Need to Know to Create the Perfect Video Salesletter!


Module #1: Know Your Market

Discover EXACTLY how to get inside the minds of your prospects & ideal customers, learn what it is they will spend endless amounts of money on, and write directly to them!  This first step is absolutely crucial to creating a Salesletter that converts!

Module #2: Script Magic

In Module #2, you’ll discover the core principles of human motivation, influence and persuasion as we uncover strategies that compel your customers to buy every time!  You won’t need to master copywriting, but being able to uncover what it really takes to get your prospects to become loyal customers is crucial for your success!

Module #3:  The 10 Step Sequence

Learn the exact 10 Steps you MUST follow in the right order if you want to effortlessly guide your prospect down the sales funnel until they click that Add to Cart Button of yours!  No need to become a “Master Copywriter!” Simply follow the sequence and you’ll achieve online sales mastery!

Module #4: Recording Your Script

This is an easy one!  Once you have a completed script, it’s time to record it!  In this step-by-step training, you’ll discover exactly what software and tools you’ll need to make a professional voiceover without investing a lot of time or money!  And the best part is, we make this step super easy!

Module #5: Creating Your Video

Once you finish your audio, it’s time to create the visual component!  That’s what Module #5 is ALL about!  I’ll walk you step by step as you create a beautiful visual component for your video using Powerpoint or Keynote (Mac Users!).  YES! You don’t need to buy or learn any fancy editing or graphics software.  This can all be done with Powerpoint!

Module #6: Syncing & Editing

Want to learn how to put it all together?  In this module we’ll do just that! You’ll discover how to put the finishing touches on your Video to make it “WOW!” your audience.  We’ll sync and edit the video so that it is ready for publishing to the web!  You’ll watch me as I do this step by step!

Module #7: Broadcasting Your Video

In Module #7, we take your video to the web!  It’s time to upload and broadcast your newly created sales video for the World to see!  You’ll discover exactly what tools and software you need to make this happen!  Plus, you’ll learn exactly what elements you’ll need on your Sales Page to make it convert even higher!

Module #8: The Video Sales Magic

Warning! For Advanced Marketers Only!  Want to take your Sales & Conversions efforts to the next level??  In this special module, you’ll learn additional tricks and tips for increasing your sales even more!  This is my favorite module and it’s not to be skipped!

“That’s Not All! You Also Get $1,872.50 in Extra Bonuses-Absolutely FREE!”

Bonus #1: Done-For-You TEMPLATES

Imagine having a PROVEN, Ready-Made Script & Powerpoint Template that you could quickly swipe and use in any market for any product or service!  Well, that is exactly what you are getting with the Video Sales Magic Done-4-You Templates!  You’ll get access to a COMPLETED Sales Video Script with specific instructions on how to plug in YOUR specific product and market details to make it YOURS!  Then, you’ll get your very own Powerpoint (and Keynote) Template to plug and play as well!  But that’s not all….you also get a ready-made HTML template page so you can have a completed Sales Page up and running in no time! 

Bonus #2: VideoSalesMagic Resource Library

Once inside, you’ll get access to a plethora of resources including +350 PLR Music Tracks, background images & templates, graphics for your sales pages & more!  Everything you need is in one convenient place!  I doesn’t get much easier than this!

Module #3: Pre-Made Video Bumpers

You also get access to my ever-growing inventory of custom-made Video Bumpers.  These animated videos can be placed at the end of your videos (before exporting) to get your viewers to buy, submit their email or take the next step with you! 

Module #4: Live Q&A Webinars (& Recordings)

Every few weeks I host a LIVE, Members-Only Q&A Webinar where I answer all of your questions, review your videos and teach what’s new & hot in Internet Marketing! You’ll get access to these AND our archived library of past calls!

The COMPLETE Video Sales Magic Online Training Program, including…

  • The Video Sales Magic Workbook
  • Module #1: Know Your Market
  • Module #2: Script Magic
  • Module #3: The 10 Step Sequence
  • Module #4: Recording Your Script
  • Module #5: Creating Your Video
  • Module #6: Syncing & Editing
  • Module #7: Broadcasting Your Video
  • Module #8: Video Sales MAGIC!
  • Bonus #1: Script & Powerpoint TEMPLATES
  • Bonus #2: Video Backgrounds
  • Bonus #3: Video Bumpers
  • Bonus #4: +350 PLR Music Tracks
  • Bonus #5: Affiliate Marketing

Originally $497 Now Just: $197

P.S. Inside the course you’ll learn every single step of the process from Market Research & Writing Influential Copy to designing the perfect video & optimizing it on the Web!  AND, the entire program is backed by my 60 Day, No questions Asked Money Back Guarantee!  To get access, click here now!

Case Study: +$300,000 in Sales in Less Than 3 Months!

-Lewis Howes

Author, Coach & Speaker



James!  I would like to acknowledge you for your presentation style,  down to earth, cool, authentic and so not salesy at all.  We both like you and am looking forward to working with you in the near future. Thank you for shedding light to a new way selling that allows me to use more of my creativity and be dynamic in my presentation… which is more me. I look forward to creating my first sales video with joy and filled with creativity :)  I learned the power of selling through videos and doing so effectively without having to appear on the video! LOVE IT!!! THANK YOU!
I did hop over to purchase and check it out!  In this presentation, I liked how you mapped it out in steps.  It’s reassuring to know that the actual bling doesn’t have to be there – plain and simple seems to be okay, too.  That’s a good first step.  I like the timed buy button and repeating it and the whole idea of sequencing.
Sonya Sullins, Author, Speaker, Consultant
James… You were VERY clear in providing the exact sequence of elements – with examples- that are needed in the creation of a amazing Sales Video.

I learned, that IF I followed your examples and wrote myself an outline and then filled in the blanks for my specific business or project, I could create a Sales Video that would “on point and keep attention” and hopefully convert to sales and referrals.  For sure it is an excellent place to start, which is really the most important thing to making any dream come true!  Action!!!

Roz Fruchtman, Owner/Designer
“On the call and James Wedmore is rocking it!!”
Tambre Leighn
“Such a wealth of valuable information I love the templates that are available in his package.”
Dianne Harding